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Darfur Genocide
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The Severn Gorge
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Severn Gorge :: New Technology :: Blast Furnaces :: Coalbrookdale :: Maps ::

Maps of The Severn Gorge & The Iron Bridge Area

Severn Gorge, 1773

Click on blue areas on the map for more information

Click on blue areas on the map for more information
Map by Georgia Beaver, used with permission of Harcourt Brace & Co.

New Willey Site of the iron bridge Bedlam furnace Site of landslip default

More Maps

"Plan of the most remarkable Effects of the Earthquake, which happened the 27th of May 1773 at The Britches, in the parish of ____ and near Coalbrookdale in the County of Salop upon the Estate of Walter Acton Mofeley, Esq."

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