The Iron Bridge

The Severn Gorge

David Morse
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The Iron Bridge
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The Severn Gorge
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Joan Joffe Hall
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The Severn Gorge

The Severn Gorge was the Silicon Valley of its day, a center of innnovation that included not only the first iron bridge, but the first iron rails, flanged wheels, and iron barges, as well as novel applications of the developing steam engine, from blowing blast furnaces to powering the first locomotive.

Views of the Severn Gorge

Coalbrookdale by Night

"Coalbrookdale by Night", Painting 1801 by Philip de Loutherbourg. This shows Madeley Wood (or Bedlam) Furnaces, which belonged to the Coalbrookdale Company from 1776 to 1796. Courtesy of Science Museum, London/Science & Society Picture Library.

Contemporaneous descriptions of Coalbrookdale

The Iron Bridge, ca. 1780

The Iron Bridge: Etching, probably based on a painting, 1780s.

The Iron Bridge

The bridge today.

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