Hope for Ariang

H.O.P.E for Ariang is raising money to build a Primary School in Ariang, a village near the town of Gogrial (formerly Bahr-al-Ghazal) South Sudan.

Morse in Juba, June 2007

When people ask me what they can do on behalf of Darfur, these days I tell them the best thing they can do is pay attention to what is happening in South Sudan. Everything we observed on our journey last summer indicates that while the spotlight has shifted to Darfur, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement is in imminent danger of collapse. If the South is plunged into war once again, the loss of civilian life is likely to dwarf what has happened in Darfur so far and will put the estimated 2.2 million displaced Darfuris at special risk.

The three "Lost Boys" that I accompanied to Sudan last summer are doing what they can to relieve suffering in their home villages. These are small down-to-earth projects aimed at promoting the peace.
Chris Koor Garang, of Tucson, expects to return next spring to train nurses. Garang Mayuol wants to bring clean water to his village, by drilling wells. Gabriel Bol Deng has founded an elementary school.

Ariang School's first building
Ariang's first school building.

Lost Boys-Garang Mayuol, Gabriel Bol Deng, Chris Koor Garang
Chris Koor Garang, Gabriel Bol Deng, Garang Mayuol, May 2007

Thank you for visiting and for learning about Hope for Ariang, the Ariang Primary School and Gabriel Bol Deng's hopes and plans for the future. Your interest and assistance are greatly appreciated.

Help Assure the Education of the Children of Ariang