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1. Keep track of bills before Congress & voice your support
For instance, Rep. Frank Wolfe introduced "Lost Boy and Lost Girl" legislation, to enable Lost Boys and Lost Girls to return to Sudan to do important work. Contact his office to track the status of current legislation and help voice your support. (202) 225-5136. Currently there is a “Genocide Prevention” bill. To stay up to date, visit web-sites including GI-Net.

2. Contribute to on-the-ground organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam, and Darfur-specific groups such as the Darfur Peace and Development Organization. Consider other groups such as Practical Action ( with a good track record at implementing appropriate technologies designed to provide clean water and conserve firewood.

3. Get your university endowment fund or pension fund to divest from firms doing business in Sudan. Ask: "Does my fund support companies doing business as usual in Sudan, or does it screen its investments appropriately?"

4. Contact your local state affiliate of the Save Darfur Coalition. Attend a meeting. Do they include local Sudanese members or bring in Sudanese speakers? Are they thinking creatively, or are they simply following orders from the national and/or going through the motions?

5. Look for individuals who believe in what they are doing and are doing it well, in Africa. Western industrial nations have contributed to havoc in Africa, from slavery to blood diamonds and lousy policies by the World Bank and the World Trade Organizations, to the indifference of our corporate media. Become a detective. Find the real Africa!

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