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Darfur Violence

David Morse
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NOTE: Over the past five years, as the level of violence has fallen in Darfur and war has threatened to re-erupt in South Sudan, the Darfur advocacy movement per se in the U.S. has declined. Some groups have disappeared or been co-opted. Some have broadened their focus to include South Sudan, including three key groups that now take their cues from the ENOUGH! project. (See below.) Others have broadened their focus to include other regions threatened by genocidal violence.

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Final Note: My own interest has proliferated from Darfur to Sudan as a whole, and to the impact of the so-called humanitarian aid industry in Africa. Recent books refute some of some of our cherished assumptions and should be read by anyone who wonders exactly what "Darfur" as a cause was all about. Here are a few good ones:

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