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Darfur Violence

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Interview of Human Rights worker Diane deGuzman, by Committee of Conscience at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, documenting complicity of oil companies such as Talisman (Canadian) and Lundin (Swedish). [Listen Here]

October 2007 radio interview by Carl Wolfson of station KPOJ AM 620, Portland, Oregon. [Listen Here]

WNPR's Where We Live interview with Eric Reeves, David Morse and Gabriel Bol" The evolving Darfur conflict", 7 August 2007.

Interviews by David Morse

Interview with Jan Pronk, Executive Director, former UN special representative to Sudan. May 5, 2007, Talk of the Nation

Interview with James Paul, Executive Director, Global Policy Forum. 2007 Talk of the Nation

The next two interviews examine chiefly two questions. What went wrong with the Darfur Peace Agreement signed last May? And under what circumstances could a "robust" peacekeeping force improve conditions for civilians in Darfur? Some of the answers from de Waal and Power may surprise you.

Interview with Alex de Waal on Darfur:
Taking Stock of Diplomatic Initiatives for Peace (transcript). Posted on Saturday 2 December 2006.

Alex de Waal is an anthropologist and activist in African affairs whose book, Darfur: a Short History of a Long War, co-written with Julie Flint, offers one of the clearest glimpses of this hemorrhaging western part of Sudan. He shows the origins of today’s conflict and of the so-called “Janjaweed” who continue to terrorize farming villages in a brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing.

Interview with Alex de Waal on Prospects for Peace in Darfur: 21 November, 2006 (program information).
Or go to the Active Audio link at the A-Infos Radio Project.

Interview with Samantha Power:
Evaluating America's Future Role in Darfur and Sudan (transcript). Posted on Friday 1 December 2006.

Samantha Power is the Pulitzer Prize winning author of, "A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide," and lecturer at Harvard's Kennedy School.

Interview with Samantha Power on Peace not Military Plan B for Darfur and Sudan 21 November, 2006 (program information).
Or go to the Active Audio link at the A-Infos Radio Project.

The Darfur Dairies

Interview with Jen Marlowe on how "The Darfur Diaries" reveal who the people of Darfur are. Interview December 2006, Sprouts.

Darfur Diaries, Message from Home, film created by Adam Shapiro, Jen Marlowe, and Aisha Bain, promotes activism on Darfur. Jen Marlowe was part of a team of three indy cinematographers who, apalled by the blackout of news coverage of Darfur in 2004, journeyed to Darfur themselves and produced the film, Darfur Diaries. Marlowe describes that experience, as well as the semi-nomadic lifestyle she has chosen that enables her to pursue human rights causes in Afghanistant, the Balkans, and Palestine. Her fellow cinematographers Aisha Bain and Adam Shapiro are similarly involved in human rights issues.

Also see David Morse's review of the Darfur Diaries: Stories of Survival.

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